DiipSilence Ditches Math To Dabble in American Electronic Music

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Nearly a decade ago DiipSilence left her home country of China to pursue an American education. The artist and producer based in Los Angeles chose a musical career which strayed from her original higher learning pursuits. She went from hitting the books to hitting the hooks as music became a passion she couldn’t pass up.

As a singer, her colorful voice exhumes an almost soulful and bluesy belt which is something you don’t quite expect coming from such a petite and pretty performer.

“About eight years ago I came to the U.S. to learn math, but I changed my career path after graduation,” she said, after explaining that she began calling herself DiipSilence because her original name in Chinese means deep and silent.

Maybe she is deep but silence isn’t what she seeks as she uses her voice to be heard over creative beats while experimenting in electronic sounds to accompany her range.

“I went to LA to study audio enginering and since then I worked as a mixing engineer and film post sound editor,” DiipSilence said. “While working in the studio to mix others’ songs, I also collaborated with different artists and writing songs under the name DiipSilence.”

She calls her recent single “A Feather In The Sea” and refers to the song as “an interesting combination” as she claims that most of the sounds are from nature.

Recording field sounds and trying to capture the ambiance of foley sounds while traveling, she said most of the sounds are edited in her home studio into foley sound packs.

“I’ll put them into samplers and that’s where the start point is,” she continued. “My tracks heavily rely on the sound design. About half of my latest release is recorded ‘outside the studio.’ The other half includes the vocal, and other instruments were tracked in my project studio. To me, it’s a right balance of the outside world and inside.”

DiipSilence claims she would categorize her music as “Chill-Step, trip-hop, electronic music meets Chinese traditional music.”

“I tend to put Chinese flavor melodies, instruments and ancient Chinese lyrics in my songs,” she said. “Sound wise, I love to use organic sounds like field recordings, foley sounds mixed with fusion dubstep, drum and bass synth.”

Hearing her sing “High on a Mountain (Ft. Adai Song)” proves to show some wisdom in her vocals as she controls a variety of pitches layered over an acoustic guitar and an adjoining basic bongo beat, but it’s creative and one can’t discount, that as she continues her artistic journey, she just may capture many more listeners to the new sound she’s bringing into the music scene.

DiipSilence stands firm as a big fan of Coco Rosie, Jay-Jay Johanson and Massive Attack and garners her musical preferences from these artists.

“I’d say Coco Rosie inspires me a lot on my sound choices,” DiipSilence said. “I learn from them that even toy sounds can be put into music. I started to put film sound effects in my music because I listened to their albulm ‘Grey Ocean.’ I’m also inspired by musicians and technical geniuses such as Tim Exile and Richard Devine. As a math major, I’m also this type of person. I love music, but I also enjoy to discover the technological world. Their thoughts in balancing the music with techniques are huge inspirations to me”

Her favorite song to perfom live is a Chill-Trap song titled “Fury Tail” and she wrote the lyrics in an ancient Chinese poem. Using some Chinese traditional instruments such as the Xiao, a bamboo flute, during the bridge, DiipSilence said she also put in one of her favorite poems.

“The song was Number 1 in China’s ING indie music chart for three weeks,” she said. “I think this song is an excellent combination with western electronic music and Chinese ethnic music.”

As she continues to combine her Eastern heritage with a modern Western habitat, DiipSilence hopes to make some notable noise with an organic flare and technical advances to bring listeners an unusual and pleasant auditory musical experience.

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