Review and Photos by Maurice Nunez

Photo by Joceylin Gonzalez
Photo by Maurice Nunez

May 26th finally arrived. The Blackest of the Black Fest was here. I heard what was coming, but was still looking forward to what Glenn Danzig’s festival would bring in it’s darkness. This 2 day festival had everything your “Mother” warned you about and more! There were corpses handing from trees, sadistic sacrifices over at Castle Danzig, a swinging carousel, all the killer merch you could ask for ranging from from (tshirts, posters, Verotik comics), and 17 bands that took over Oak Canyon Park in Silverado, CA.

Not only did we get all that, Glenn Danzig and artist Simon Bisley made an appearance at the Verotik comic booth. They were signing copies of the new DANZIG album ‘Black Laden Crown’ which was released on this day. Bisley’s artwork is featured on both the cover and back of the new album. They were signing for over 3 hours as the endless line of fans never seemed to come to an end. They both seemed to be in high spirits as Danzig was looking forward to headlining the following night.
Signing Session. Photo by Maurice Nunez

Friday’s lineup included 3Teeth, Butches Babies, Suicide Silence, Deafheaven, Discharge, Corrosion of Conformity, and Suicidal Tendencies.

There were two giant stages side by side and the bands would come on one after the other as they alternated stages, which was perfect as it kept things flowing right along and the entertainment never stopped.

Photo by Maurice Nunez

Some of the sets that stood out this 1st day came from 3Teeth, Butcher Babies, Suicide Silence, Discharge, CoC, and Suicidal Tendencies. Had never seen 3Teeth before, but a great set of industrial aggression. The Butcher Babies followed and were able to really get the crowd going. I had seen them open for Danzig in the past, and seems as though their following has really grown. Had never seen Suicide Silence, but a brutal set that also got the crowd going nuts. It was great to see Discharge.

This was my first time and it was killer to hear them play all their old school punk classics. Next came Corrosion of Conformity with this lineup including Pepper Keenan. This was a killer set from these guys. A very dark and doomy vibe. Suicidal Tendencies ended the night with their set that included a bunch of classics and got the crowd going nuts. Great to see Dave Lombardo on drums for ST. A perfect way to end the night. Mike Muir and crew never disappoint. And of course the Suicidal fans are very loyal and the band plays off that energy.

A killer way to end the day one of the Blackest of the Black….next part II.

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