Corona Blues: Dirty Sound Magnet Video Release ‘Organic Sacrifice’

STEVE WALKER | Go Venue Magazine

Dirty Sound Magnet release a video that hits the spot in relation to the current global pandemic in an attempt to sustain the industry electronically as the live scene fades for at least the foreseeable future. The honorable attempt to keep music alive and secure culture and the arts is credible.

The psychedelic rock power trio from Switzerland with their ‘TRANSGENIC‘ album release on Hummus Records has been making waves internationally and the bands fever to continue in the current global crisis.  The album demonstrates that culturally, music is one of our arenas of appraisal of contemporary issues and the album pokes a critical rock stab at our responses to ecological, technological and the potential of an Orwellian dystopia.  The album and video release could not be better placed.

Set in the desert landscape, the video represents the global lock-down and emptiness and beauty of the world and the live concert inserts are placed well to signify that the values and beliefs underpinning hope are within reach.  


  • Stavros Dzodzosz (Guitar and Vocals)
  • Marco Mottolini (Bass)
  • Maxime Cosandey (Drums)

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