CONCERT REVIEW: NOTHING MORE Rock A Sold Out Crowd in Flint, Michigan

Nothing More's lead vocalist Jonny Hawkins @ The Machine Shop in Flint, MI on Saturday, December 1, 2018. Photo credit: Mike Shaler.

December 1st at The Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan, Nothing More put on a captivating sold-out performance.  With Palisades and Greyhaven providing support, it was a night of high energy rock and roll that kept the crowd engaged.

Greyhaven kicked the show into high gear with an energetic set.  Out of Louisville, Kentucky, Brent Mills on vocals, Nick Spencer on guitar, Johnny Muench on bass guitar and Ethan Spray on drums, Greyhaven got the crowd in the right mood with their aggressive in your face brand of metal.

Palisades followed next, keeping the beat going with a dose of hardcore tunes.  Palisades played some heavier jams this time around since I last seen them a year or two ago.  Combining slower grooves and up-tempo beats that display Lou Miceli’s vocals, along with Xavier Adames on lead guitar, Matthew Marshall on rhythm guitar, Brandon Elgar on bass guitar and Aaron Rosa on drums, Palisades is not slowing down.  With a new album, ‘Erase The Pain’ due to be released on December 28th, Palisades is gearing up to have a rocking 2019.

The place was packed and it wasn’t surprising since Nothing More has been selling out The Machine Shop for several years now.  Nothing More is one of the most energetic live bands performing today and lead singer Jonny Hawkins is in the middle of it as he belts out vocals full of energetic passion.  Mark Vollelunga on guitar, Daniel Oliver on bass guitar and Ben Anderson on drums were all clicking as they jammed together.

One of the things that sets Nothing More apart from other bands is their innovativeness on delivering music.  Even in a smaller setting they managed to bust out the Bassinator which lets three people jam on the bass at once, Jonny thumped drumsticks on it.  Speaking of drums, Nothing More loves them and they make a spectacle as they all play on drums set up around the stage.  The Scorpion Tail is one of the most wicked contraptions as an instrument.  Hydraulics lifted Jonny nearly up the ceiling as you could see the upper half of his body through the rafters as he pulled and cranked knobs that created electronic sounds. 

Nothing More played a slew of tracks from across their library that included the hits, “Jenny”, “This Is The Time” and newer material, “Go To War” and “Don’t Stop”, off their latest album, ‘The Stories We Tell Ourselves’.  Before they finished, Jonny let the audience know that it was Ben’s birthday which for a celebration up to the audience’s discretion was either a shot of booze or a hot pepper.  The crowd voted for the hot pepper but Jonny suggested both which Ben took like a champ but you could tell the hot pepper got to him a bit.

Another excellent sold-out night of rock and roll entertainment was enjoyed by the fans, so don’t wait long to get your tickets when Nothing More performs near you because much like the pepper, this band is HOT!

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All images © Mike Shaler.

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