Concert Review: Danzig at the Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas

Gloria Skulls

Photo by Maurice Nunez
Official Danzig Ad at Brooklyn Bowl

What an amazing experience, many fans made it a Vegas weekend [Saturday, September 23rd, 2017] out of this show. Showed up around 4pm to meet up with friends from the Danzig Official Fan Club The 7th House and members from another popular group on social media called KOD (Keep On Danzig). Both fan groups had members that got together to meet for the first time to enjoy stories of Danzig, sharing photos and showing off their vests and tattoos of Danzig, Misfits and Samhain, what a legacy this band has created. The power of music is real, and our love for Danzig is undeniable. The weather was perfect, 70 degree weather compared to Vegas usual high 90s degree temperatures during this time of year. Fall definitely was in the air and we were ready for Danzig. Two nights before Danzig cancelled the San Francisco show due to Glenn Danzig having strep throat, so fans were anxious to see how the night would turn out and if Glenn Danzig would be able to recover so fast and give us a great show after all many travelled thousand of miles for this gathering at the Brooklyn Bowl. At around 10:15pm the lights dimmed down and Overture of the Rebel Angels from the Black Aria album began to play, this works like a cue to let the fans know that they need to rush to floor and get ready to bang heads with Danzig. Johnny Kelly got on stage first then Tommy Victor followed, then Steve Zing and at last the man himself Glenn Danzig appeared under dimmed blue lights and smoke, the crowed went static and Skin Carver began. To my surprise Glenn Danzig sounded better than what I was expecting, no disrespect but knowing he was not feeling well, this man still gave it his all no matter what the circumstance where. Being this the Black Laden Crown promotion tour Danzig performed a lot more songs from Danzig III How the Gods Kill, this year marking 25 years from its release back in 1992, it felt appropriate and the fans loved it. Right before jumping into How The Gods Kill Glenn Danzig asked the crowd to help him out with the chorus, since he was still a bit under the weather and without hesitation the fans joined Glenn Danzig harmonizing with him like a bunch of fallen angels singing up to the heavens as Glenn reached out to the crowd to share his microphone with us and by the mysterious smile on his face I could tell that he was satisfied. During the performance of Long Way Back From Hell of the Lucifuge album Tommy Victor and Steve Zing did an amazing job hyping up the crowd. The bands interaction with the crowd was impressive as always these rock starts sure know how to connect with the fans and at times they make you feel like your the only person in the room by doing simple little thing like the usual waves and finger points from Tommy Victor or the intense eye contact and smiles from Steve Zing and the hand shaking and smiles from Glenn Danzig and of course the big smiles from Johnny Kelly. The show ended with the traditional encore, Mother from the first Danzig album Glenn thanked the crowd and walked off stage for the night. As usual Steve Zing and Johnny Kelly hung around signing autographs and taking pictures with fans, truly some of the most humble rick stars I’ve ever met.

Danzig Setlist
SkinCarver | Twist of Cain | Devil on Hwy 9 |Her Black Wings | Godless | Left Hand Black | How The Gods Kill | Do You Wear the Mark | Dirty Black Summer | Last Ride| Black Mass | Long Way Back From Hell | Not of This World | Mother | She Rides

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Opening Acts

Deafheaven is an American metal band formed in 2010. Originally based in San Francisco, the group began as a two-piece with singer George Clarke and guitarist Kerry McCoy. It was my first time seeing Deafheaven and I was pleased with their performance. Vocalist George Clarke was very enthusiastic the entire performance, going from one side of the stage to the other grinning maliciously. He was not afraid to express himself using his body language to show that he was very much enjoying the musical vibrations.

Vamps is a Japanese rock duo formed in 2008 by Hyde (vocalist, rhythm guitarist, lyricist and songwriter) and K.A.Z (lead guitarist, backing vocalist and songwriter). Know for their fame in Japan I was not surprised to see many of their fans lined up outside Brooklyn Bowl at around 4:30pm. They waited patiently until the doors opened. I have seen VAMPS before at Blackest Of The Black and they put on a great performance, very enjoyable to our ears. This night was no different, very intreating and their fans adored them.

3 Teeth is an American Industrial band from Los Angeles, California. Forming in 2013, the band consists of vocalist Alexis Mincolla, guitarist Chase Brawner, Keyboardist Xavier Swafford, and drummer Andrew Means. They where the first band to hit the stage at around 7pm, they caught my attention because it seems that there aren’t many industrial bands out these days. I quickly thought of Rammstein, and VNV Nation. The dark red lights and royal blues were perfect for the gothic mood they brought to the stage. Would love to see them perform again.

Nonetheless Vegas was a big hit! This one is going in the books. Thank you Danzig, until next time.

-Gloria Skulls