Co-Headliners Trivium and Beartooth Stop by Omaha For A Weekday Evening of Heavy Metal

Trivium at The Admiral in Omaha, Nebraska on Tuesday, May 30, 2023. (Photo credit: Robert A Chadwick)


The Admiral Theater was the place to be on Tuesday, May 30, as the Trivtooth Tour brought Trivium and Beartooth in a co-headlining show and some support acts. It was a good night for heavy metal music.

Archetypes Collide from Arizona was the first band to go up on stage. I always appreciate it when these younger bands open up these stacked bills. They have an energy that always wants to gain new fans wherever they play, and that is what happened when they played Omaha for the first. The crowd was digging them, especially when they played a cover of Linkin Park’s “One Step Closer”. It was a fun set for them and hope they come back to Omaha soon. Check out their self-titled album right now.

Malevolence from the UK, who supported Trivium in the UK earlier this year, was the next support act. This was their third tour of America and their return to Omaha since opening up for Kublai Khan at the Lookout Lounge (RIP) back in 2016. This band was heavy as hell. The mosh pit was going off. Lead vocalist Alex Taylor was a beast of a human being on stage. They slowed it down for their song, “Higher Place”, a nice change of pace. Then, they picked it off for the last two songs of their set. It was an amazing set by Malevolence and I hope they come back to America soon. Be sure to listen to their latest release, Malicious Intent.

Next, it was part one of the co-headline with Beartooth. I was fortunate to cover them when they were the direct support for A Day to Remember last year at Stir Cove, my first time seeing them. They made their return to the Admiral, their second time playing at this venue, and it felt like home to them. Caleb Shomo is a next-level frontman, always giving his all when he is on the stage. The blend of screaming and singing was incredible. He even recognized a year-and-a-half-year-old in the front row with his parents. It was an amazing moment. Beartooth always fires on every cylinder and this performance was no exception, bringing out all the crowd surfers and mosh pit people. Here’s to hoping that Beartooth will drop their new album later this year.

And finally, Florida’s own Trivium completed the co-headline. Having seen them open up for Megadeth and Lamb of God last year, it felt like a breath of fresh air of them holding their own. After touring professionally for nearly twenty years, it’s so cool seeing this band still have fun on stage. Trivium really stepped up on their production, more so than their last time at this venue in 2016. They brought out these dragons with glowing red eyes on each side of the stage. You can definitely see lead vocalist Matt Heafy’s influence of his Japanese heritage in their production. I wish more people stayed for Trivium’s set, but the people that stayed were having so much fun watching one of their favorite bands playing through so much of their catalog. The whole band is full of talented musicians, and I hope they continue to tour and record music until they feel like they are done. It was one of the best metal shows of the year. Hopefully, we will have some new Trivium by the end of next year.




Archetypes Collide

All images © Robert A Chadwick

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