CMFT Can’t Be Stopped at The Fillmore

BY JESS BECK | Go Venue Magazine

We’ve all heard it; CMFT must be stopped. Monday, Aug 28, 2023 we woke up thinking maybe he could be. If you were at The Fillmore, in Minneapolis, for his show with Wargasm, you went to sleep that night knowing one thing.

Corey Taylor cannot be stopped.

Before we get into all that, we need to talk about Wargasm. While the lineup initially included Oxymorrons from New York, vehicles break, people get sick, shit happens. We hope the guys are alright and can’t wait to catch y’all the next time around.



Hailed as an electronic rock duo from London, we were sensually assaulted when these folks came out on stage. Having filled out the band with 3 new members, Sam Matlock and model Milkie Way exuded every type of energy you’d expect from a band with a name like Wargasm. Unapologetic, loud, punky, and irreverent. Somehow, Matlock’s barbie-pink hair and Way’s leopard bodysuit made the music seem even heavier. These are musicians who work hard and love what they do. Give ‘em a listen, you might just have a……well, you know.

After an impressively quick break, Corey Taylor ripped onto the stage, rocking a leopard print jacket that didn’t stay on for long. Understandably, though; that dude jumps around stage like my 9-year-old neighbor in a bouncy house.

The Stone Sour and Slipknot frontman has recently made a successful solo career, so to see him at an intimate venue like the Fillmore was something special. Playing classics from both bands such as “Before I Forget”, “Absolute Zero”, and “Through Glass”, CMFT had the room singing (shouting?) his hits back at him. Sprinkled in were a hit or two from his more recent albums, like “Post Traumatic Blues” which was a solid choice to open the set.

I’m not saying everyone at the Twins game down the street missed out. I’m a good, polite Minnesotan now. I’m just saying, a home run can be stopped.

Ya know what can’t be stopped?

Corey Mother Fucking Taylor.

Before I sign off, I have to give props to the staff at The Fillmore. From security to techs, they’ve got it together. Not to mention the best bartenders around; thanks Tarah!

Until we can all sneak off to another rock show on a school night, remember to wear deodorant and be kind to other humans!



All images © Jess Beck

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