ALBUM REVIEW: Judas Priest – “Firepower”

Loud, Fast and In Your Face!

Judas Priest's 18th full studio album "Firepower".

Released March 9, 2018, is Judas Priest 18th studio album. Rob Halford explained how the album’s title came to be, describing it as “the fire and the power of heavy metal music”. Firepower instrumental is powerful and crisp, Halford’s vocals are raw and potent. Judas Priest vision for Firepower was genius, keep it classic but with more melodic vibes.

The Art Work
Claudio Bergamin’s style is realistic fantasy illustration. The Artwork for Firepower looks old school classic Judas Priest, an indestructible metallic robot surrounded with yellows, reds, and orange to create that hot fiery look really stands out. Although I would’ve liked to see darker colors to give the album cover a bit more accent. Nonetheless, it still gives that 80s heavy metal look that we can all familiarize with.

The Experience
First time I heard Firepower I became a fan of the album. I love Judas priest older songs like ‘Hell Bent for Leather’, ‘Turbo Lover’, ‘Electric Eye’, just to name a few and I was surprised that  Judas Priest never lost their edge and their classic heavy metal sound and that is what makes Firepower such a great album!

‘Firepower’ is the first song of the album, its fast, loud and super heavy! A great opener for the album. The melodic guitars and the vintage guitar solos are perfect ingredients for this perfect metal storm. You can also hear a lot of double pedal in the drums which give’s it a bit of an edge mixed in with Halford’s unique vocals just completes the whole song, instant classic!

Listen to ‘Firepower’ below:


The rest of the album is so exquisite I couldn’t stop listening to it. ‘Evil Never Dies’ is another one of my favorites, the double pedals in the drums and the heavy guitars is just pure evil, pure rock n’ roll. The album does have some slower songs, I was actually glad because it allowed myself to catch my breath. Overall the album is fantastic totally worth listening to, this album was one of the most awaited albums in Metal and I couldn’t agree more.

Judas Priest still rocking hard showing the younger generations that Metal is here to stay!!!

– Gloria Skulls

All tracks were written by Glenn Tipton, Rob Halford & Richie Faulkner.
1. ”Firepower”
2. “Lightning Strike”
3. “Evil Never Dies”
4. “Never the Heroes”
5. ”Necromancer”
6. “Children of the Sun”
7. “Guardians” (Instrumental)
8. “Rising from Ruins”
9. “Flame Thrower”
10. ”Spectre”
11. “Traitors Gate”
12. “No Surrender”
13. “Lone Wolf”
14. “Sea of Red”