WEDNESDAY 13 Packed The Machine Shop For A Screaming Good Time

Wednesday 13 at Flint's famous venue, The Machine Shop, on Saturday, April 16, 2022. (Photo credit: Mike Shaler)

BY MIKE SHALER | Go Venue Magazine

April 16th 2022 at The Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan was a night of fantastic music featuring some hard and heavy metal music to soothe the soul.  Kicking off the evening was Michigan band Katharsys Theory, a four-piece heavy metal group from Alpena. Katharsys Theory laid it all out with thundering drums and riffing guitars that are moshed pit worthy and absolutely set off the night on the right foot.

Keeping the beat rolling was another Michigan band from the Detroit area, The Creeping Chaos. True to their name, their music creeps into your soul and sends the body on a joyous experience of horror inspired hard rock/thrash riffage and lyrics.  Lead vocalist/guitar player Rob Kaminski had the crowd in his clutches from the get go.  Derek Samp on bass is always so cool he’s gotta wear shades.  Donny Stanfill on guitar donned a leather mask that would make most pause and back off.  Stacy Jean Binelli on drums was looking very much like one of those creepy ghosts in an Asian horror movie, with her dark hair covering her face and her eye peeking through the slit of her hair.  The only thing I was disappointed with in this band was that they didn’t play longer. The Creeping Chaos has a growing legion of fans, and they plan to release another album later this year.

Wednesday 13 entered the stage to the pummeling rhythms of the song “Scream Baby Scream” which instantly pumped the crowd into action.  Looking like a creature of the night, Wednesday 13 commanded the stage with authority, running through an impressive set list of crowd-pleasing songs. From songs like “197666”, “Bad Things”, “I Walked With A Zombie” and even dropping in a Murderdolls song, “Nowhere”, in remembrance of Joey Jordison, whom Wednesday said had left a message on his phone introducing himself saying, “hey this is Joey Jordison the drummer of Slipknot”.  To which led to the formation of the band Murderdolls.

Surrounded by world-class kooky yet fun spirited musicians, Roman Surman on guitar, Troy Doebbler on bass, Jack Tankersley on guitar and Daniel Fox on drums this band is as I quote a fellow fan, “does not disappoint!” If you are into music by the likes of Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper or GWAR, then you’ll thoroughly enjoy Wednesday 13. Missing this go around from the past several times I’ve seen him was the absence of costume changes and props that fill Wednesday 13’s performances.  Needless to say, the show was still highly entertaining as Wednesday kept the audience involved, especially when he asked us to give him a Ric Flair to which we responded back with a resounding “WOOOOOOOOO!!!!”

Stuff like this is what makes live music one of the greatest forms of entertainment, and Wednesday 13 and his band are true masters at delivering blood pumping good times.

Wednesday 13

The Creeping Chaos

Katharsys Theory

All images © Mike Shaler
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