Scout Bar presents Hindsight, Black Market Tragedy, The Hunger and Stabbing Westward

Photos and Review by Marissa Anne

Scout Bar celebrates 13 years with the mother of all birthday parties! Hosted by Khris Harding

There were drinks and the crowds were dancing and most importantly the bands. Hindsight, Black Market Tragedy, The Hunger and Stabbing Westward all came together to celebrate on the stage.

Hindsight is a Houston based band with Brad Lambert – guitars, vocals. Andrew Jastram- guitars. Lincoln LaCour – drums. Jesse James – bass. They are a little soft and melodic and then when least expected Brad unleashes the full power of his voice to remind everyone that they are here to melt faces! They performed from their 2013 release “Momentum” and are a whole lot of fun to watch. Catch them May 20th at The Garage Coffee, Music, and More in Fort Stockton, Texas!

Black Market Tragedy was up next. Anthony Jones on guitar. Joel Hayter- drums. Matt Reinhardt – bass and Vali Reinhardt- vocals make up this hard rocking quartet from Houston.  Compelling and impressive Vali commanded the stage with her incredible vocal range. The band showing their considerable skills stirred up the audience. They were joined by two masked drummers who added a slight “Side Show” feel to an energizing performance of “Red Awakening”. They were later revealed to wild applause as Maggie Gould of “Mezzanine” and Brandon Haywood. The band is working on a video for “ Red Awakening” which is going to be released later this month. See them May 19th at Acadia Bar & Grill.

The Hunger simply exploded on to the stage. Brothers Thomas and Jeff Wilson on vocals Benji Bordelon- bass, Raf Rivera – guitar, Alex Slay-drums, Richie Hey- keyboard. Their skilled and frenetic stage performances are well known and loved. “Vanishing Cream” was a favorite that had the crowd singing along. They have over the years become a mainstay in the Houston music scene leading the way with their brand of electronic rock n roll since the early 1990’s. Consistently giving back to the community by providing local acts a venue to play their Birthday baby “Scout Bar”.  Go see them May 27th at Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis, MN

Which leads  to Stabbing Westward taking the stage. It seemed as if out of nowhere they are back and touring after a 15 year absence.  Doing a string of dates celebrating their 30th anniversary winding up in Tinley Park, IL May 20th at the WKQX Piqniq. Christopher Halls’ vocals sounded every bit as good as they did back in the mid 1990’s. Walter Flakus on Keyboards, Mark Eliopulos on guitar, Johnny Haro on drums and Carlton Bost, bassist gave everyone a ride down memory lane. They are funny guys as well. Christopher asking if we wanted to hear something new that they had just written and launching into “Save Yourself” cracking various jokes with Mark and the crowd. It gave an intimate feel to a packed show. Playing everything from “Nothing” off their first release 1994’s Ungod to “So, far away” off their last release in 2002. This was one Birthday/Anniversary party that will not be forgotten any time soon. There are unanswered questions such as “Where have you guys been all this time?” and “Are there any plans for an extended tour for Stabbing Westward?” From the looks of the crowds Saturday night it would be very welcomed. Hopefully, these and many other questions will be answered soon!

Scout Bar


Black Market Tragedy

Stabbing Westward