Black Veil Brides bring BLEEDERS Tour to The Fillmore

Black Veil Brides @ The Fillmore in Minneapolis, MN on Thursday, May 2, 2024 (Photo credit: Jess Beck)

JESS BECK | Go Venue Magazine

Of course, it was rainy when the most emo metal show rolls into town, right? That’s almost a given, especially when one of those groups is almost most definitely comprised of vampires. But, with disregard for my neck veins, it was an incredible night of music as four acts took to the stage on Thursday, May 2nd at The Fillmore in Minneapolis.

This was also probably the first time each act has had a cohesive element of darkness surrounding them, which was neat to see. Between face paint, body paint, and an absurd amount of (fake?) blood donning the faces of multiple bands, it was apparent that the Bleeders Tour is also somewhat of a special effects performance.

First up was Dark Divine, and they were an instant hit! Vocalist Anthony Martinez is a pretty funny guy too. At one point in the set, he instructed the crowd to point to the back of the building. “Ok, good, now you know where our merch table is!” he joked to the laughter of the audience. They’re a progressive metalcore band that combines screamo and elements of melodic hardcore. Also, their costuming is fantastic! One fella wore this punk-rock Joker suit, and they were all covered in white face paint. These dudes kicked ass, and I’d recommend you see them immediately!

Second to the stage was a band from across the pond called Creeper. For a minute, I thought I was seeing a younger rendition of The 69 Eyes the way they styled themselves in neo-vampire attire. It was like what you’d expect if you ventured into Dracula’s mansion in the 50s and there was a band playing in the background. Grease meets horror. Either way, a phenomenal act to have on this tour. They also had matching black neck paint to add to the atmosphere and the cohesion of the performance.

Third was the new project of the former frontman for Electric CallboyGhøstkid is a German horror band. They’re a metal band? They’re horrifying. Amazing, but horrifying. The rawness of vocalist Sebastian “Sushi” Biesler’s project is palatable, and they were extremely well received by the crowd who sang along to the majority of their songs. Embracing the organized chaos, they wore mostly black clothing with white face paint, but I will say the decision to play this set in a black lace dress by Biesler was a fantastic choice.

Finally, it was time for the headliner! The set-up was like something out of Peaky Blinders meets Mötley Crüe. Which I suppose is rather fitting, since earlier in their career they had a very modern Mötley Crüe feel, and now they’re sort of like Goth Cillian Murphy’s with their own line of razor tricks. I mean…is it really a coincidence that this is the Bleeder’s Tour and the symbol is a straight razor? Anyway, they were fucking electric, and their loyal base I swear to God could’ve set off car alarms everywhere within a 10-mile radius.

You guys should really go check out the video after this show. I kill a bunch of people…it’s really crazy,” vocalist Andy Biersack said. “Hopefully, it’s still on YouTube.” But the cool thing about this tour is it’s actually a benefit. They’ve been doing a massive push to get their fans to be “bleeders” of sorts, and donate blood and I think it’s going quite well.

All in all, it was a blistering 15 song performance and the audience ate up every minute of it. It was certainly one of those shows that you’d want to walk around and keep getting shots of, but rules are rules, and we aren’t trying to get blacklisted! Please check out this show if it comes near you next – it’s a very well put together production and the visuals alone are worth a ticket. As always, a huge shout-out to the staff at The Fillmore – we couldn’t do what we love if it wasn’t for you coming together to provide us a safe environment to see shows in. So from the bar tenders to the custodial staff to the security – thank y’all so much!

Alright, keep being excellent to one another, please brush your teeth, and we’ll see ya at the next show!

Black Veil Brides



Dark Divine

All images © Jess Beck

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