Afroman and Special Guests Live at Jimmy B’s

Afroman (a.k.a. Joseph Edgar Foreman) performed at the Jimmy's B in Pittsburg, Kansas on Tuesday, March 14, 2023. (Photo by Kyle "Buttercup" Million)


What an amazing night despite the chilly temps at this outdoor show at Jimmy B’s in Pittsburg, Kansas, on Tuesday, March 14, 2023.  The atmosphere upon entering was immediately friendly with staff that got things sorted out quickly and with a sense of humor, especially Mr. “penis” as he called himself in my phone contacts, lol.  Once in I had to check out the lay of the land and see the entire music venue updates that Mr. Beckly and his crew has made to a long time local bar into something that, in my opinion, will be a venue for concerts rivaling the ones in Kansas City even.

Outdoor concerts are always great but being the chilly time of year having those outdoor patio heaters reminded me of my nights in Wisconsin at a show where everything but your hands and the camera stay warm.  Despite all this and the fact that it was spring break for the area, it was still pretty packed once the show started, with an old karaoke friend and exceptional rap artist Kelli Green popping off some lines to get the crowd moving toward the stage.

 I’m always a fan of seeing the ad on performers and special guests as they are usually groups I have never seen and find one or two new artists to follow because the music appeals to me, sometimes on a personal level like Jehry Robinson‘s new hit “Kill My Daydream” if you haven’t heard of him do yourself a favor and find him on Spotify, Instagram, etc. as this song sticks in your head for sure and is already all over TikTok. Point of fact, I have had it streaming on repeat while editing photos and writing this review.

Bankboi Money, Wicked Wayz, Kelli Green, Bully, SMN Chi, SNM Big D, and DJ Ace got us all in the mood to dance around laugh and have a great time, so everyone kept warm and happy. Bully had a metal themed tempo to their songs, reminding me of some of the aggressive rap of the mid 90s, such as house of pain mixed with tech 9. Kelli Green sounds always come from his heart n mind and seemed to make the ladies bounce around a lot. Wicked Wayz reminded me of tech 9’s stage presence and atmosphere with the red and white beets in your face rhythm.

The show ran pretty smooth with the break before Kid Lennon and Afroman being the only slowdown point, still when Kid Lennon popped off with his beets the crowd quickly forgot the cold once again, and I forgot that my hands and camera body were frozen, the camera later reminded me because the shutter slowed making me have to go inside and warm it up till the final act came out.

The one, the only O.G. Afroman in his fur coat and brandishing his pimp cup came to the stage letting loose some slick lines and talking about being the king of signing breasts, of which his second or third song was literally signing the whole front row of ladies chests. One of the young ladies was so happy about this she even ran around showing everyone, please note she had the section above it signed and did not show as much as a bathing suit would.

Afroman then donned his marijuana leaf guitar and performed with it off and on along with Kid Lennon popping in with him, only ending his set with the songs we all love to sing “Because I Got High”, and “Colt 45”.

Overall I give this show a nine out of ten with the cold being the missing point yet the space heaters and music helped us drastically forget that part. Be sure to check out all the artists mentioned and keep tabs on this venue for more amazing shows this year, as always you should support local!


Wicked Way

Kelli Green


Jehry Robinson

All images © Kyle “Buttercup” Million

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